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We're back!
Sessions are now held over Zoom at 2pm every Saturday. is currently undergoing a makeover, so please forgive any omissions. Please contact us at if you have any questions or wish to be added to our mailing list.

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RECOLLECTIV IS CURRENTLY ONLINE ONLY. IN-PERSON SESSIONS MAY RESUME AT A FUTURE DATE. If you would like to participate or want more information, please contact us at
Recollectiv is a music group for people with memory challenges and those who care for them. The music sessions encourage active participation through singing along, playing along or simply tapping/clapping/swaying to the rhythm of popular songs of the 20th century from many genres (folk, jazz, pop, etc…) Lyrics are shared on screen for those who want to sing along. For those who play an instrument, lead sheets can be provided in advance.

Active participation in music making engages the mind, blending lyrics, melody, rhythm and emotional memory - which is another way of simply saying that it’s good for the brain, and it’s fun!
Recollectiv's mission is to help people with memory impairments and their care partners gain a new social network, rediscover a sense of accomplishment and find JOY through music-making.

Recollectiv meets every Saturday afternoon and is free of charge with advance registration. Please join our mailing list to be kept informed.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


When are the sessions and how long are they?

- Currently, Recollectiv is on a break for the summer. Sessions will resume in September and are held every Saturday afternoon. The music session is an hour long but is preceded by 30 minutes of socializing, sound checks and Q&A.

How much does Recollectiv cost?

Recollectiv sessions are free of charge thanks to our generous volunteers and donors.

Do I have to be able to sing or play an instrument?

Not at all. When singing along with Recollectiv online, you are muted, so none of the other participants or volunteers can hear you. If you don’t feel like singing, you can tap your foot, clap your hands, shake a pill bottle or just sit back and enjoy the music. It’s completely up to you.

I play and instrument; how can I participate?

Let us know in advance at and we’ll put you on the list to receive lead sheets for each week’s songs.

What kind of songs do you do?

The songs range from traditional ones, just as “You Are My Sunshine” through the decades until the 1970s. Genres (thus far) are folk, pop, country and jazz. There’s a little something for everyone.

I’d like to donate to Recollectiv; will I get a tax receipt?

- Yes, if you are a Canadian resident and you donate more than $20, you will receive a tax receipt as Recollectiv is a project of Smile Theatre, which is a charitable organization.

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Ilana Waldston

Founder of Recollectiv

After my mother was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, she began to lose the ability to participate in all the activities she used to enjoy (bridge, reading, theatre-going, etc.). I quickly discovered that live music invigorated her, elevated her mood and had lasting positive cognitive effects, particularly if she was able to sing, dance or clap along. I am thrilled to bring to Toronto this group that will help so many who face these challenges

Carol Rosenstein
Co-Founder, Co-Director of
Music Mends Minds

Playing music creates such excitement that it alters the chemistry of the brain by causing the release of natural dopamine, which controls movement, mood and cognition. Music not only mends minds, but families and relationships. I like to say it restores the rhythm of life and I want to share that medicine with others.

More Coming Soon!

more coming soon!
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